What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is an established, science based, regulated health care profession that helps to restore movement, function and wellbeing, by use of comprehensive assessments and a range of scientifically proven treatment techniques.


Physiotherapy utilises a range of skills and to aid and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes and to reduce pain by use of mobilisation, manipulation, massage and sports massage, rehabilitative exercise and electrotherapy.


A Chartered Physiotherapist is highly trained to assess, diagnose and treat your condition and must maintain their training and competency to practice throughout their career, giving you and the people you care about assurance of the highest standard of care.


How does it all work?


At Everybody Physiotherapy we will ensure we LISTEN to you in order to gather the correct information on what has happened.


We will ASK questions to explore and find out the mechanism of the injury and pain and ensure that you fully understand your problem and its implications.


We will EXAMINE you physically and test how you function by analysing the way you move and walk, checking your posture, testing your muscles, ligaments and nerves.


We will then EXPLAIN the cause of your symptoms, set goals with you and discuss treatment options to select the appropriate course of action to eliminate or relieve your symptoms.


We will not only TREAT your symptoms but also treat the underlying cause of your symptoms to try and prevent any recurrence.


And finally…we will carefully MONITOR your progress but if further investigation is needed we will refer you to on for further advice and or specialist treatment.

What will I need?


For the initial assessment it is advisable to bring casual lose clothing, sportswear or something you feel comfortable in so that the area to be examined can be accessed easily.


Bring with you any medical letters, reports, list of current medications, x-rays/scan reports, or anything else you may feel may be useful.


Payments can be made through cash or cheques.