Appointments & Prices

Initial Physiotherapy consultation
(Includes, history taking, examination, diagnosis and treatment)
£45 (45 minutes)
Follow up Physiotherapy treatment
£40 (45 minutes)
Sports Massage / Massage
£40 (1 hour) / £35 (45 minuets) / £25 (30 mins)
Perrin technique Initial consultation
ME/CFS initial consultation
(Includes a comprehensive history, examination, diagnosis, an approximate prognosis and explanation of condition. home treatment is discussed in the follow up session.)
£85 (1 – 1 ½ hours)
ME/CFS follow up treatment
£38 (45 minutes)
Craniosacral therapy
£40 (45 mins)
Perrin technique follow up

How to arrange an appointment


To find out more or to arrange an appointment please call on  mobile – 07955335277 (main number)


Clinic Numbers:

01924200554 (Wakefield)
01274870148 (Cleckheaton)



Opening times


Satori Complementary Therapy Centre Wakefield:
Thursdays 2:30pm to 7:30pm


Wellbeing Centre Cleckheaton:
Wednesdays 10 am to 9pm

Home Visits


For those with ME/CFS or people who will struggle to attend the clinic due to mobility difficulties, Everybody Physiotherapy offers a home visit service, please call:


Main Number: 07955335277


Or Email:


Home visits start at £50 for an hour but prices can vary depending on location.